Trees can be an asset in a garden providing structure, shade and often blossom or they can become overgrown or damaged. We can maintain them for your safety and enjoyment, or remove them and replace them with something more suitable for the space available.

Crown Lift Project
Crown lift projectclose

ATG tree work involving a crown lifting where branches hung low enough to obscure vision and hinder access.

Tree Felling
Tree Fellingclose

ATG tree work involving the felling of a dead tree near Carlisle.


Crown thinning for a small orchard. Picture of tree before crown thinning

After significant crown thinning

Tree has outgrown its environment and will be removed

Branches are removed before the trunk is felled

The result is more light into the garden area

Epicormic growth as a result of tree damage

With the tree healed the epicormic growth was removed

Trees with epicormic growth

With the epicormic growth removed