Landscaping Project

This is a large, ongoing project on a sizable plot of land near Brampton. The project will include several features, the first of which will be a large pond.

A plot of land which was previously an abandoned building

It required the use of a mechanical digger...

...and a small dump truck!

Once the pond is excavated the walls are lined with sand

This helps to protect the lining for the pond

The pond has two tiers, notice the ridges to help plants stay in position

Pond liner is placed over the pond ready to fill

Once the pond is full of water the edges are cut...

...ready for tiling

The digger was once again used to move large boulders to form a rockery

Soil was added to the rockery, ready for planting

Far from finished, but coming along nicely

The rubble wall rockery was extended around the pond

End stones give the effect of a gate having been there

View from the rear of the pond

Sub-base for the patio

Patio cemented into place

Patio cut and pointed

Client decided to increase the patio area

Adding a second circle

Which will be cut to match original

smooth curves compliment the pond

Provides an extended seating area

The western side of the patio remains uncut and will lead onto a gravel path

Mouse over the above image to see 'before' and 'after' images