Paths, Patios and Ponds

The client had requested a new look for the garden. The plan was to remove the existing patio and paving and replace it with more curved alternatives. Blue slate would be used for the patio and paths, existing sandstone used to build a new raised bed, and a pond was to be an added feature.

View of the existing garden

Patio that will be replaced

View of the garden from the patio

Sub-base is put for the new patio

Slate tiles are bedded and cut to shape

View of the patio from the garden

A curved wall is built bordering the patio

The pond is lined and filled to settle

Pond edging using sandstone

Turf is removed from the lawn to make way for the new path

New turf is put down and the path is prepared

New slate shilly path curves towards the patio

The completed patio

View towards the house

View from the house

Pic of the patio rockery taken one year later

Picture of rockery one year later

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