Garden Cleanup

A small project to clear an overgrown garden, including strimming, edging, ivy removal, fence repairs and path clearance. Took two people about a day in the glorious Cumbrian summer heat!

First job, clean the outside borders and fix the fence

The garden side of the fence needed bushes cleared to make room for new fence posts

The original posts had long since rotted away leaving the fence to lean out towards the roadside path

Garden side view of the repaired fence

Roadside view of the repaired fence

Next the rear garden lawn had become unmanageable with a conventional mower and required strimming

It would take some time and care for the lawn to return to its former self

Underneath the overgrown lawn was a flagstone path which was cleared

There was also ivy in the back garden that had climbed into the guttering, and was therfore removed

The front of house required strimming, path clearing and some ivy to be removed

Making the property much more presentable

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